Arthur Girton, Executor for the Estate of John R. Gunsalus v American Tobacco

Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Filed 1988

Plaintiff sued both tobacco and asbestos defendants.

Plaintiff attorneys: Thomas F. Johnson, Daniel Childs, Benjamin P. Shein
Defendant attorneys: Thomas Bezanson, Bruce Sheffler, Edward F. Mannino, Ann Caldwell, Preston Leake (American Tobacco Co.)

“The Girton case pitted an asbestos-exposed smoker with lung cancer against the American Tobacco Company. The plaintiff argued that the defendant was liable for damages caused by the Pall Mall cigarettes he smoked prior to 1966 due to the company’s failure to warn. Plaintiff also alleged that there should have been special warnings on cigarettes packs on the topic of especially vulnerable smokers, such as industrial workers exposed to asbestos.”

“The jury found for the plaintiff on the issue of failure to warn, but concluded that the defendant’s failure before 1966 did not cause the plaintiff’s injury.”


  • 1988 – June 23: Opening statements
  • 1988 – June 24: Verdict for Defendant


July 23 Transcript
July 24 Transcript