Geraldine Thayer for Leslie Thayer
v Liggett & Myers

Filed 1966

Verdict for the Defendant

Thayer died of lung cancer.

Plaintiff Attorneys: Kerry D. Alexander, Peter F. Cicinelli of Cicinelli, Mossner, Majors, Harrigan & Alexander. Warner, Norcross & Judd: by Wallson G. Knack, Harold S. Sawyer

Defendant Attorneys: Webster, Sheffield, Fleischmann, Hitchcock and Brookfield; by Donald J. Cohn, Francis K. Decker, Jr.


  • 1966 – May 12: Complaint filed; injury alleged: lung cancer
    – sought: General damages $750,000; Punitive damages $500,000
  • 1969 – November 17: Voir dire, opening statements
  • 1969 – December 11: Closing arguments. 3.5 Hour deliberation
  • 1969 – December 12: Verdict for the Defendant


Going into the trial the sole remaining claim of Geraldine Thayer, administratrix of the estate of Leslie Thayer, was implied warranty. The negligence and express warranty counts had been voluntarily dismissed by plaintiff.