US Surgeon General’s Reports


Burney-1957Surgeon General LeRoy Burney reported, “It is clear that there is an increasing and consistent body of evidence that excessive cigarette smoking is one of the causative factors in lung cancer.”

In that same year, the Joint Study Group on Smoking and Health (U.S.A.) reported, “The sum total of scientific evidence establishes beyond reasonable doubt that cigarette smoking is a causative factor in the rapidly increasing incidence of human epidermoid carcinoma of the lung.”



In 1959 Surgeon General Burney issued a new report, in which he concluded, “The weight of evidence at present implicates smoking as the principal etiological factor in the increased incidence of lung cancer.”




1964 U.S. Surgeon General Advisory Committee Report

Then in 1964, Surgeon General Luther Terry‘s special advisory committee issued the definitive conclusion: “Cigarette smoking is causally related to lung cancer in men. The data on women , though less extensive, point in the same direction.”