Plaintiff Defendant(s) Date
Christa J Blankenship v RJ Reyonlds, et al. 1997
Richard Boeken v Philip Morris 2001
Norma Broin v Philip Morris 1997
Betty Bullock v Philip Morris 2002
Grady Carter v Brown & Williamson 1996
Diane Castano v American Tobacco 1994
Rose Cipollone v Liggett & Myers, Philip Morris, Lorillard 1983
G. Stephen Covert v Lorillard 1993
U.S. Department of Justice v Philip Morris, et al 1999
Craig Dunn/Philip Wiley v RJ Reynolds 1998
Howard Engle v Philip Morris, et al 1998
Engle Progeny Philip Morris, et al. 2009
Robert A. Falise v American Tobacco 1997
John M. Galbraith v RJ Reynolds, American Tobacco 1983
Mary Green v American Tobacco 1957
Arthur G. Girton for John Gunsalus v American Tobacco, Owens Corning Fiberglass, Eagle-Picher, Keene Corp 1988
Susan Haines for Peter Rossi v Liggett & Myers, Lorillard, RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris, The Tobacco Institute 1984
Patricia Henley v Philip Morris 1999
Milton J. Horowitz v Lorillard (The Micronite asbestos filter) 1995
Ironworkers Local 17 v Philip Morris 1998
Joanne for George P. Kotler v American Tobacco 1986
Victoria St Pierre Lartigue for Frank v RJ Reynolds, Liggett & Myers 1955
Kueper v RJ Reynolds, American Tobacco 1993
Lowe v RJ Reynolds 1954
Mangini (Joe Camel) v RJ Reynolds 1992
Master Settlement Agreement 1998
Marsee v US Tobacco 1984
Miles v Philip Morris 2000
Minnesota / Blue Cross v 1998
MS, FL, TX, MN v 1994
Mississippi Medicaid v American Tobacco 1994
Pritchard v Liggett & Myers 1954
Raulerson/Connor v RJ Reynolds 1995
Rogers v RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris, American Tobacco, Liggettt & Myers 1987
Ross v Philip Morris 1954
Roysdon v RJ Reynolds 1984
Scott v American Tobacco 2004
Thayer v Liggett & Myers 1966
Weaver v American Tobacco 1965
Whiteley v Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds 2000
Wilks v American Tobacco and New Deal Tobacco and Candy 1988
Williams v Philip Morris 1999
Zagurski v American Tobacco 1963

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