The table below shows documents referenced in this exhibit and provides links to copies of the documents themselves in the Legacy Tobacco Document Library (LTDL).
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Document Source Date
Smoking and Carcinoma British Medical Journal 1950
A Frank Statement to Smokers Tobacco Industry Research Committee 1954
Hans Selye Letter Davis Polk Wardwell Sunderland & Kiendl 1959
Surgeon General’s Report Advisory Committee to US Surgeon General 1964
John Banzhaf Shook Hardy Ottman Mitchell & Bacon, Law Firm 1970
Roper Proposal memo Fred Panzer, The Tobacco Institute 1972
“Free choice” versus “Addiction” Shook Hardy Ottman Mitchell & Bacon, Law Firm 1980
R.J.R. Defendant Strategy R.J. Reynolds Attorneys 1985
Jones-Day memo
v 2/3
v 3/3
Jones Day Law Firm 1985
Napkin Deal CA Assemblyman Willie Brown 1987
Peter Bleakley statement Philip Morris attorney 1988
General Patton memo R.J. Reynolds attorneys 1988