Minnesota/Blue Cross

Minnesota and Blue Cross Blue Shield vs Philip Morris et al

During the trial the tobacco defendants settled this case and paid about $6.1 billion to do so. The settlement resulted in the strongest ban in the nation against marketing cigarettes to children and it also mandated the disclosure of large numbers of industry documents. Since its founding, the Minnesota Document Depository has been the permanent home of more than 27 million pages of formerly classified and privileged memos, letters, scientific reports and other related material.


  • January 26, 1998 – Trial opened
  • April 22, 1998 – 39,000 Documents posted Bliley
  • May 7, 1998 – LITIGATION: MINNESOTA: Tobacco Trial’s last day; 6 tobacco lawyers give closing arguments; Ciresi was due to argue the next day.
  • May 8, 1998 – LITIGATION: MINNESOTA: Tobacco makes $6.1B settlement with Minnesota and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. In addition to the monetary penalties, the state’s tobacco settlement results in the strongest ban in the nation against marketing cigarettes to children, disclosure of millions of pages of secret tobacco documents, closure of the tobacco research and propaganda arm (the Council for Tobacco Research) and bans on tobacco branded merchandise and secret payments for using cigarettes in movies.